Data governance re-imagined

Re-imagining data governance for traditional and disruptive technologies.
RegTech control without the shackles. 
Who can use dataBelt?
With GB to low TB sized data repositories
With high TB sized data repositories
With PB and higher sized data repositories

Agentless data governance tool

  • Quality check & identify data errors
  • Check non-conformities and duplicated data
  • Check simple data-sets or compare multiple data-sets
  • Remediate data through transformation
  • Pass transformed data back to master data repository
  • Clean, compliance data can then be processed
  • Investigate fraud through duplicated data

Comprehensive GDPR compliance and data protection

  • Search unstructured & structured data
  • Locate, classify & index data
  • Identify suspicious behaviour and undertake remedial action
  • Record, progress and report Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), Freedom of Information Requests and Data Breaches
  • Provide an activity log of data protection actions

Shared functions underpinning data compliance, transformation and GDPR. These functions will dynamically identify all the relevant data holding assets and point to where datasets are kept so can be interrogated for classification, indexing and searching.

  • Discover and identify all the relevant data holding assets on an infrastructure – ie all database platforms, IMAP, network directory shares, document management systems, .pdf files
  • Holds access credentials in its credentials vault pending deep-dive database table, column and field interrogation
  • Consolidate and orchestrate them into a data model
  • Classify, index and search data for personal information
  • Support DSAR and FoI requests
  • Searches set up, executed and results returned in Query Centre to identify relevant personal information, what that data is and where it is located