Data governance re-imagined

Re-imagining data governance for traditional and disruptive technologies

Data governance re-imagined

Re-imagining data governance for traditional and disruptive technologies

Data governance re-imagined

Re-imagining data governance for traditional and disruptive technologies

One tool for data discovery, compliance, cleansing, transformation & GDPR

RegTech control without the shackles

Data Forensics, Fraud
Detection & e-Discovery

Agentless data governance tool: Find, classify, index & compare data

Data Hygiene & Compliance

Quality check, cleanse, merge, match & transform data

Data Classification & GDPR

End to end GDPR and data protection management

Data Blueprint

Understand your data landscape

About dataBelt?

Who can use dataBelt?

Who can use dataBelt?

  • Any organisation recognising data as a fundamental asset
  • Banks, financial services, card payment organisations, pensions, insurance
  • Those involved in M&A and due diligence activity
  • Legal firms – for litigation, regulatory reviews
  • Marketing companies, and those with high data volumes
  • Those involved in forensic data analysis
  • Those looking for new revenue streams

Key Drivers

Why use dataBelt?

  • Data governance/quality strategy to ensure data is clean, compliant and well managed
  • Forensic investigations/eDiscovery of data for litigation, fraud prevention
  • GDPR compliance and/or unit cost reduction of data protection activities
  • M&A activity requiring data discovery, due diligence, valuation, merging
  • Need for complete profile of cyber threats and data at risk, to exercise greater control
  • Well-managed data combined with AI providing opportunities for streamlining business processes, creating additional revenue streams, reducing costs and/or competitive advantage
  • Understanding the data DNA of your organisation, producing a data inventory, blueprint of its operations


dataBelt Design

  • Micro-services platform using superfast MEAN architecture with integral AI/machine learning, APIs and robotic process automation
  • On-premise or cloud deployable
  • Aligned closely with Google's 'Material Design', ensuring navigation is enjoyable and familiar
  • Smart Case Builder allows a custom use case built/templated from micro-services
  • Use with AiM Consultancy or in-situ install
  • Multi-threaded open-API access to multiple data sources on-premise or cloud
  • Containerised and blockchain deployable
  • Role-based permissions design
  • Full rest and transit layered data encryption 256K AES encryption

AiM's GDPR Services

  • IT Solutions
  • Data Governance/GDPR Consultancy & Advice
  • Training
  • Interim Data Protection Officers (DPOs)

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Data Forensics, Fraud Detection & e-Discovery

Agentless data governance tool

  • Find all your data assets, whatever they are and wherever they are located
  • Deep search any and all data assets for any structured or unstructured data
  • Search emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, microfiche, images, videos, sound files
  • Find personal information, references, key words, multiple language characters
  • Classify and index all data from single or multiple datasets of any size
  • Compare multiple datasets for errors, non-conformities, duplications
  • Identify and investigate fraudulent entries
  • Know your customer, people trace
  • Provide analytics

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Data Hygiene & Compliance

Ensure your data is fully compliant, up to date and error-free

  • Quality check data for internal due diligence or regulatory compliance
  • Identify data errors in single or multiple datasets
  • Cleanse datasets against master data and defined business rules
  • Merge multiple datasets
  • Find non-conformities and duplicated data
  • Remediate data through transformation in one easy step
  • Pass transformed data back to master data repository once approved
  • Process clean, compliant data quickly with zero errors
  • Assist with fraud detection and investigation
  • Provide analytics

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Data Classification & GDPR

Comprehensive GDPR compliance and data protection

  • Manage & Report breaches and understand data risks
  • Receive, progress and monitor DSARs and FoI requests
  • Search any and all datasets for any structured or unstructured data
  • Classify and index all data from multiple datasets of any size
  • Find any text references in any language, find data within images (ie passports, credit cards, driving licences, other scanned documents), videos, sound files, PDFs, microfiche documents
  • Communicate with all stakeholders
  • Data protection by design - carry out impact/risk assessments and PII data ratings
  • Manage consent
  • Define and manage SLAs against all activities
  • Provide activity log of data protection activities
  • Provide analytics & produce key reports for internal and external audiences

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Data Blueprint

Understand and manage your data landscape

  • Discover and identify all relevant data holding assets in any location globally
  • Find any asset on the infrastructure or in the cloud
  • Understand organisational landscape for PRA compliance or operational reasons
  • Create/view data asset snapshots, data inventories and data asset flows
  • Deliver incredible granularity and classification of data and jurisdiction for data sovereignty, eg to support GDPR
  • Understand location host
  • Create/view master data integrations
  • Provide analytics

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